“ArtFotoFond“ is a program for professional photographic support to innovative projects with social significance through:
a) a photographic shooting and presentation to the public in a creative and provocative way, and/or b) the inclusion of photographic art in the creative concept.

The purpose of the Fund, represented by the photographer Zdravko Yonchev, is to support organisations and civic initiatives in the promotion of exciting and socially significant ideas and projects from the field of Arts and Culture (accent), Education, Sport, Environmental protection, etc.

The first four editions of the ArtFoto Fond program will be financed by the „Fund for innovation in culture.

Why pictures?

It is no secret that a large part of the dissemination of information, advertising, and sales (worldwide and in Bulgaria) are happening online using modern digital opportunities for more targeted and easily reach to the users, clients and stakeholders. And the social networks themselves, through the mechanisms for sharing and targeted advertising are proving to be the most effective platform for this.

Nowadays, the image turns out to be the most successful tool of conveying information to a targeted audience and to promote events, products, services, etc. – especially online!

For example, 87% of shared posts on Facebook (March 2014) are based on a photo (s).

In Twitter, 35% of shares are based on photos, 28% – of the video, etc.

However, not every photo would have success. Value and interesting as a content image creates more commitment and therefore have a more chance to be disseminated.

Why the picture is so important?

There are several reasons:

  • Human vision is proving to be the most effective and efficient means of understanding certain information, therefore the visual elements prevail over the text in the last time. For example, after the intervention of the famous designer of newspapers, magazines and websites Jacek Utko into the design of the newspaper „Capital“, circulation increased about 100%. (Jacek Utko в TED) In the field of education is a trend teaching approaches to become more interactive and visually based.
  • The time necessary for the understanding of visual content and the message of the photo is several times shorter than the time required for viewing video, link, text, etc.
  • A successful photo retains the value of the captured moment indefinitely and can be used repeatedly and in different ways, online and offline. 

Why do we need quality photographs in the field of culture, education, environment, sports, social services?

As in the world of business and entrepreneurship, and also in the field of culture, and any areas of nonprofit field – a valuable idea risked not to achieve its goals, and sometimes even not to be realized, if not well represented.

After the innovativeness, potential of the team, etc., one of the main requirements for the funding of any idea (be it the public programs or potential business sponsors) is the high involvement of the audience, the target groups, consumers – on site and online. And as is clear from the facts above, good and spectacular photos can be the key!

More pressing is the need for NGOs and initiatives to use different business approaches in finding funding and implementation of its activities, especially in the modern conditions of intensity with ideas, projects and events. Good presentation skills and „advertisement“ are key to this!

The support of the ArtFoto Fond program for projects and ideas in the field of culture, education, ecology, sports, social services etc., would make an additional value in the involvement and commitment of more „public“. In turn that would increase the opportunities to raise the funding and other support for important initiatives for the society.

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