Program “ArtFotoFond

The ArtFotoFond is a program providing professional photographic support to innovative projects with social significance through one of the following:
a) A photographic shooting and presentation to the public in a creative and provocative way, and/or
b) The inclusion of photographic art as part of the creative concept.

The goal of the ArtFotoFond program is to support the visual presentation (through photos) and promotion of ideas/projects of social significance by organizations and civil initiatives in the fields of Arts, Culture, Education, Sports, Environmental protection and others.

Each project/idea which applies and wins support from the ArtFotoFond will benefit from free of charge photographic services of up to three mandays. This workload covers the duration of the event/s organized by the project and any other activity directly related to its implementation which requires photographic services and/or the photographer‘s participation in the overall concept. As a result, the approved projects will receive a package of professionally photographed and post-processed photographs carrying the photographer’s recognized style. The package includes as well the sharing and promoting of a pre-agreed selection of photos through the photographer’s communication channels.


Guide for Applicants

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